About Me

Passionate about technology and how it shapes our lives. Dedicated father & husband, fly angler & tier, and New England sports fan.

With over 20 years of high technology product marketing, business development and sales experience, I have a strong technical and well-rounded business background. Always customer-focused, I enjoy leading start-ups in defining whole product solutions for new technology by identifying business & technical partners and bringing new products to market.

I’ve defined and developed markets for motion tracking technology – directing the growth of inertial-based motion tracking systems for use in UAV & personnel navigation; robotic stabilization; simulation & training; film, game & video production; industrial process control; and, augmented & virtual reality applications.

I’ve been involved in both commercial technology transfers and management of government R&D programs and managed several technology development programs for the Air Force, DARPA, NASA and DoD prime contractors.

I’ve published many technical papers and am listed as a co-inventor on three technology patents.

I currently direct business development and sales at Carroll Design, a full service industrial design and mechanical engineering firm located in Westford, MA.

For my full online offerings, visit this About Me page.


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