Arciero Buys Wedding Gift with Campaign Funds

You get what you vote for. Career politicians will stay in office since you keep voting for them.

Westford Republican Town Committee

Pols and Politics: ‘Reasonable and necessary’

Pols creative with campaign cash

Under state campaign finance laws, politicians are allowed to spend their political war chest on items as long as they’re “reasonable and necessary expenses directly related to the campaign of the candidate.”

That simple definition lends itself to a broad interpretation of what actually constitutes as help toward getting one elected. And, according to a Herald sampling of lawmakers’ midyear finance reports filed last week, that can mean a range of quirky and unexpected expenditures

• Pin up: Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg greeted each senator this session with a Senate pin — a gesture that cost the Amherst Democrat $290 (including extras). It still wasn’t as much, however, as the water bottles he doled out to members after complaints of senators inadvertently advertising brand-name drinks in the chamber.

The blue bottles adorned with the Senate seal — which…

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