Letter to the WRTC Chair

Are you mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more? A great letter from a lifelong Republican posted on the WRTC website.

Westford Republican Town Committee

The following is a letter received by Val Wormell, WRTC chair, on March 14, 2015, from a life-long Republican and Navy veteran (1962, Cuban Blockade).




Read your letter to the Lowell Sun pertaining to the meeting on transportation. Needless to say, your acceptance on fees for miles driven (tax) led me to some consternation; a weak republican. Are you for miles driven for the average Joe and Jane? If so, that mimics the left-wing democrats in Oregon and Washington. Look what happened to all the fees, gasoline taxes, excise taxes, the entire gamut {of taxes} just to drive on our roads. There should be more than enough, much more to cover the costs. Where did and does it go?  Into the general fund so the politicians can throw it about on a slew of social programs, pay raises galore for government hacks, pensions and thousands in programs for illegals.

You must…

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Author: dwormell


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