MassFiscal Challenges Unfair Campaign Finance Law

I fully support unions and their goals to provide workers with a safe and equitable working environment, but when government leverages union clout to push a political agenda they are abusing the power granted to them.

Westford Republican Town Committee

Lawsuit will seek equal protection for all those seeking to make their voices heard.

Boston, MA: The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to promoting better government and right-of-center fiscal and economic policy solutions, today expressed support for the Goldwater Institute’s efforts to seek equal protection in state campaign finance law.

“Current state campaign finance regulations don’t guarantee equal protection under the law,” said Paul Craney, the group’s executive director. “As many on both sides of the aisle have noted, something is wrong when unions can donate to one candidate up to $15,000 while individuals are limited to $1,000 and businesses are forbidden to donate anything at all. Under state law, businesses are even prohibited from organizing a PAC that contributes to candidates, which are permitted at the federal level.”

In 2013, then-Rep. Marty Walsh’s mayoral campaign received more than $500,000 in campaign contributions from over 100…

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Author: dwormell

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