Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality Industry Survey

Industry colleagues of mine have just released a survey to access the current state  and adoption of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality across all market sectors.

The survey is being sent to Ben Delaney’s CyberEdge Information Services subscribers, but additional input is being sought. Ben is a long time VR/AR industry analyst and has produced the most comprehensive Visual Simulation/Virtual Reality market analysis reports over the last 15 years.

By participating, you will receive a report that summarizes the results of the survey.

Here is the email being sent along with the link to the survey:

Free CyberEdge/BBA Report – Join Information-Exchange

Dear CyberEdge Subscriber, 

Apologies for being out of touch. Several years have passed since we have contacted you and much has happened in the meantime. Thank you very much for participating in our past survey efforts!

I am inviting you this time to join an information-exchange regarding trends in virtual and augmented reality. The focus is on innovative VR/AR use at companies, institutions, and government organizations, and the potential for different display formats from tablets to mixed/augmented reality head mounted displays.

In exchange for responding to the information-exchange survey link below (15 minutes) you will receive a comprehensive research report summarizing the survey results.

 Those of you who respond by October 29th have a chance to win one of several iTunes certificates! 

We look forward to sending you the research report.

Best regards,

Ben Delaney, CEO, CyberEdge 

Jim Grosvenor, CEO, Balanced Business Advisors


Author: dwormell

3 thoughts on “Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality Industry Survey”

  1. Here are some early insights from the survey:

    Thanks to your responses we have some early insights into virtual and augmented reality trends to share (below) – If you haven’t responded to the free Information-Exchange, please join now!

    • Consumer technologies, such as iPad, are generating interest as an effective, portable interface for VR/AR solutions in numerous areas, including military and healthcare.

    • The Military are the major VR/AR purchasers. They view VR/AR as a cost-saver versus real-life training and so investment has increased during the recession.

    • Industry users are more likely to employ CAVE interfaces, but are open to head mounted displays when latency, bulkiness, and price issues are overcome.

    • In healthcare, movable monitors with augmented patient imaging and information are useful to surgeons. HMDs are used mostly with PTSD therapy and phobia treatments.

    Be sure to respond today so that we can send you a comprehensive research report with all the details. The more who respond the better the reports.

    Those responding early also have a chance for a iTunes card.

    Thanks again for your support!

    Jim Grosvenor, CEO, Balanced Business Advisors
    Ben Delaney, CEO, CyberEdge


  2. The survey is staying open for an additional week. Here is a message from Jim and Ben.

    Interest is Strong – Free AR/VR Report – Open for Another Week

    Interest in this free program is exceptionally strong, so we are leaving the information-exchange program open for another week.

    Your answers so far indicate future growth in all virtual and augmented reality sectors, with the strongest growth in applications using monitors or optical see-through head sets. Many of you see shortcomings in today’s head sets, yet expect them to improve significantly over the next 5 years.

    If you haven’t already, please join by answering the questionnaire so you can receive your free industry report.

    Here is a link:

    Thanks for your participation!


    Ben Delaney, CEO, CyberEdge
    Jim Grosvenor, CEO, Balanced Business Advisors


  3. We have come to the final week for the VR/AR/MR Survey Report from CyberEdge and Balanced Business Advisors. Those of you who have not had time to complete the information-exchange questionnaire to join, please do so now and receive your free research report.

    Thanks again to all who have already responded. We are quite pleased by the level of enthusiasm and interest and look forward to sending you the free report!

    Best regards,
    Ben Delaney, CEO, CyberEdge
    Jim Grosvenor, CEO, Balanced Business Advisors


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